System Studies

  • Feasibility Studies of integration of power plants with the main grid
  • Load flow, optimal power flow, and short circuit analysis.
  • Dynamic and transient stability analysis for all kinds of disturbances in the system
  • Voltage stability, voltage control, and voltage collapse analysis and remedies by compensating devices like shunt capacitors/reactors banks, SVCs, FACTS, Series Compensators, and STATCOMs etc.
  • Small signal stability analysis and remedies by power system stabilizers (PSS) in the system
  • All sorts of transient analyses including but not limited to, transient overvoltage (TOV), transient recovery voltage (TRV), load rejection, in-rush currents and frequency-scans etc
  • Power quality issues like flicker, harmonics/resonance and voltage-unbalance due to bad loads like arc furnaces in steel mills or non-uniform generations like wind turbines
  • Engineering, design and specifications of substations, overhead lines, cables and FACTS devices (such as SVC)
  • Load forecast analysis based on historical data, power market surveys, economic growth indices like GDP or GNP, population growth rates etc. using econometric models, time-series models, end-users models etc.
  • Optimized Generation Planning based on reliability indices of LOLE/LOLP, minimum reserve margins, cost of un-served energy etc. for one integrated system, and for various systems having inter-ties for reserve sharing or fixed bulk transfer of power using multi-area reliability indices
  • Analysis of transfer limits between different grid systems fulfilling the generation and transmission reliability criteria Economic and financial analysis of power projects required for approval by funding agencies or governmental authorities.

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