Technical Loss Evaluation


Transmission & Transformation losses are evaluated by carrying out load flow studies for peak & off -peak load conditions of various months by using PSS/E of PTI, USA (PPI has perpetual license).


Distribution losses which include loss on 11kV feeders, distribution transformers, and Low tension network are evaluated using following methodology:

  • Preparation/updating the single line diagrams of 11kV feeders for the sake of loss evaluation study.
  • GIS Mapped models will be made for all 11kV feeders before working for Line Losses.
  • Estimation of technical loss of 11kV Lines, LT system through SynerGEE software.
  • Segregation of losses into Technical and Commercial losses.
  • Specify loss reduction trajectory.
  • Resolving all the queries and observation of NEPRA regarding the technical loss study.

World renowned SynerGEE software will be used to carry out load flow simulations to evaluate Distribution Losses. PPI owns the license of SynerGEE with access to the latest updated versions & support agreement with GL Noble Denton.

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